Vitz Metals offers a wide range of products for Dallas metal and pipe delivery. With multiple delivery options, a variety of high quality products both in stock and available for special order, and friendly, knowledgeable staff, Vitz Metals is the top choice for Dallas metal and pipe delivery.

Delivery Options

Vitz Metals offers three different options to fit your steel delivery needs in Dallas, Tx. You can stop by the Anna, Tx location M-F 8:00-5:00 and Sat 8:00-noon to shop the inventory and speak with the staff about your metal needs. Vitz Metals delivers steel products across Dallas-Fort Worth within a 100-mile radius. If you are outside this radius but would like to have Vitz Metals’ trucks deliver your steel, give us a call to discuss your delivery. Vitz Metals also offers direct shipment anywhere in the continental U.S. Even if you are not in the Dallas, Tx area, Vitz Metals makes an excellent choice for metal and pipe delivery.

Vitz Metals delivers steel products across Dallas-Fort Worth with a variety of high quality products at competitive prices. If you are looking to find metal in Dallas, look no further than Vitz Metals!

Angle Iron: Vitz Metals offers angle iron in a variety of sizes, and if we do not have your size in stock, we can special order any size you need. We offer lintels in hot dip galvanized, primer coated or bare, with or without holes, and we can cut to specific lengths you can buy.

Diamond Plate Steel: For strong, solid, easily cleaned flooring, Vitz Metals stocks high quality diamond plate steel. Diamond plate steel is skid resistant for a safer work environment, completely fireproof, and will not warp, splinter, or chip. It can be cold formed and welded to fit your needs.

Expanded Metal Mesh: Vitz Metals supplies expanded metal mesh: quality metal that has been uniformly stretched and slit. It holds its shape for years and provides strong, one-piece construction that won’t unravel. Metal mesh is lightweight and can be used for everything from security to barbecue grills.

Rebar: Vitz Metals has the best prices on rebar, which can be used to reinforce concrete. Rebar can be used for pouring concrete and building homes, industrial complexes, or commercial buildings.

Steel Cable Wire: For budget-friendly fencing, Vitz Metals offers galvanized and non-galvanized steel cable wire. This wire is very strong and suitable for large animals, making it an ideal choice for ranches.

Steel Channel: Vitz Metals provides lightweight steel channel to support small loads with easy connections. Steel channels are the most popular structural steels and can be used for general construction, transportation equipment, industrial maintenance and more.

Steel I Beams: Vitz Metals offers the most commonly used wide-flange shape steel I beams with nearly parallel flanges, as well as the American Standard shapes without parallel surfaces. For pile foundations, Vitz Metals stocks H-pile steel I beams.

Steel Pipe: Used for additional strength, Vitz Metals offers hot dipped and in-line steel pipes that range from ½” to 4’ in diameter. Steel pipe such as 2/8 schedule 40 x 32′ new pipe is often used for fencing, but can be used for flag poles, bridge railings, and poles for signs. 

Steel Purlins: Vitz Metals offers both red-oxide and galvanized steel purlins, as well as eave struts for roofing. We have C and Z purlins plain or with pre-punched holes for your building needs.

Steel Square Tubing: Vitz Metals stocks steel square tubing, a high-quality structural product with an internal weld seam. Steel square tubing is easy to weld, form, cut and machine. It is used for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, but is also suitable for ornamental posts, panels, railings and custom fences.

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