Using Used Steel Pipes Can Seriously Save You Money

An increasingly popular solution to buying new stainless steel or galvanized pipes for projects around the house or at construction sites is the use of used steel pipes from oil fields. Many people think of useless, rusted out metal when they think of used pipes, but the used steel pipes that many metal companies offer are still in great condition. You can repurpose pipes for many construction and building projects. Used steel pipes offer a quality option while being extremely inexpensive.

 How’s the Quality of Used Steel?

 The quality ultimately depends on where you get your used pipes from, but, overall, companies that sell surplus and used steel pipes offer a quality that’s similar to new. Though there is often times external cosmetic flaws, the quality is not diminished. The price of the pipes is determined by the condition, so those that are rough on the outside and have suffered surface corrosion are priced cheaper.

 Uses For Old Oil Field Pipes

  • Used steel pipes are excellent for welding and transforming into other useful metals for projects. They can be transformed into corner braces, feeders, and parts for buildings like sheds and barns. They can even be welded into furniture or art pieces for smaller projects.
  • They can be used for miscellaneous things as well. Steel pipes can be used as a simple support for plants or trees so they grow straight. They can be used in constructing your own deer stand for hunting. They can be used for multiple purposes on farms and ranches.

 Other Benefits of Using Used Steel

Besides the quality and affordability of used pipes, the biggest draw for used steel pipes would be their versatility. The types of pipes vary so they can fit any need you might have in your construction project, as noted by Indigo Construction. The diameter of the pipes can range dramatically from less than an inch to more than 70 inches depending on the company you’re interested in buying from.

Recycled steel is incredibly eco-friendly as it reduces consumption of other natural resources and the energy it takes to mine the steel is reduced as well. Reusing steel reduces waste because it’s actually being used for other purposes instead of sitting in a junkyard. The metal can also be recycled and repurposed over and over again.

 The Bottom Line

 Using steel used in oil fields is a great option for the environment and to help you save money in all of the projects you have planned. Companies all over the country offer surplus and recycled steel for people to buy, including this roofing contractor. For those in Anna, Texas, Vitz Metal offers high-quality steel from oil fields and offers not only discounts on bulk orders but will deliver the metal to your job site or ship it to you.