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Steel Cable Wire for Fencing Is Effective and Budget-Friendly

When you are looking for an effective way of fencing a ranch or estate or building a holding pen or other confinement area, steel braided cable is a smart alternative. Vitz Metal is your one stop metal supply shop for steel wire rope, as well as the steel tubing and pipe that is all you need to erect a no-maintenance ranch fence system that is easy to install and can be integrated with electrical fences as well. Our inventory includes many diameters and lengths of both galvanized and non-galvanized wire to meet your needs. Fence cable is made up of seven strands woven together and has a smooth finish. Because they have a breaking strength of over 3,250 pounds they are particularly suitable for large animals, making steel wire rope wire a reliable material for fencing in horses and other livestock. In addition to our large selection of sizes and weights, we are also able to provide you with the weld-on cable clips for the cable to slide through, cable clamps, and heavy duty coil springs to provide an additional layer of security that is flexible.

Vitz Metal is the Preferred Supplier for Flexible Braided Cable

When you have a fencing job to do you want to be sure that you have the right product for the project, and the professionals at Vitz Metal are here to help make sure that you have it quickly and at a great price. When you visit our metal supply store you’ll find nothing but quality steel with no imitations, and our friendly staff has extensive industry knowledge that ensures that all of your questions will be answered and we’ll immediately understand what you want to do and what materials will be best to help you do it. If you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area we’ll deliver your cable wire directly to your site. If you need it shipped someplace outside the DFW area, we’ll be happy to take care of that as well. Call or stop by for braided rope or any metal need your job calls for. Remember, we carry a wide variety for any job you face. This includes products for metal buildings as well. Call us today.


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